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Vivascience AG: Minisart
Vertrieb:Vivascience AG
Hersteller:Sartorius AG
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Sartorius Minisart Syringe Filters are ready-to-use filtration units for fast, simple, and reliable filtration of small to medium volumes. The combination of large filter area and optimized geometry of the filter support ensures high flow rates at low inlet pressures and optimal total throughputs.

If your application is sterile filtration, ultracleaning, clarification, particulate removal, sample clean-up, solvent filtration, or sterile venting, Sartorius has a syringe end filter that works for you.

The standard Minisart product line contains cellulose acetate membranes or polyethersulfone and is color-coded according to pore size for easy identification. The Minisart Plus includes an integral glass fiber prefilter for difficult-to-filter aqueous solutions. A stand-alone glass fiber syringe end filter is also available for clarification of liquids with high particulate loads.

The Minisart-HY is a PTFE filter for sterile filtration of gases. Minisart-RC units contain regenerated cellulose, which is a hydrophilic membrane with excellent chemical compatibility, making them ideal for mixtures of aqueous solutions and solvents. The Minisart-SRP product line contains inert, hydrophobic PTFE membranes for simple, rapid, and reliable ultracleaning of small volume HPLC samples.

All Sartorius syringe end filters have very low non-specific binding (CA membrane) and low extractables (nylon membrane) for confidence in filtration. The high housing burst pressure gives you an extra margin of safety. At Sartorius we have been at the technological forefront of developing and manufacturing membrane filters since 1927; our expertise is evident in our syringe end filter products.

Vertrieb:Vivascience AG
Ansprechpartner:Technical Support
Telefon:(0511) 52 48 75-60
Fax:(0511) 52 48 75-69

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