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Über Notfalllabor.de

For our international visitors

Dear visitor,
just a few words about Notfalllabor.de:

On Notfalllabor.de you will find the presentation of hundreds of laboratory-products, each including technical data and contact data.

We are only the host of the portal, thus we don't sell any of these products

If you want more information about a certain product, please use either the phone- / fax- number or the contact-form which you find below each product (if you are at a list of products, use the link „Weitere Produkt- und Vertriebsinformationen (Telefon, Fax, E-Mail)“ to get into the detailed product view).

Our main target are visitors from Germany or it's neighbour countries, therefore the whole site is in German and all contact information you find on our site belongs to the German distributors. None-the-less you might want to use these information to contact the company and ask them for distributors in your own country.

Once again: We – Notfalllabor.de – do not sell any of these products ourselves!
We won't (and can't) give you any information concerning prices or international distributors.

Enjoy our portal and greetings from Berlin,
your Notfalllabor.de-Team

PS: Some useful information:
Germany's international prefix number is +49


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